Online YOGA CLASSES VIA ZOOM are inclusive and fun. The sessions have options along the way for the participants needs are aimed at Beginners through to intermediate level.

Make sure you have adequate space for the mat, you have a yoga mat and water handy. Wear comfortable clothing.

Props can be useful such a 2 bricks, yoga strap, blanket and possibly bolster. All this is not necessary when you start out!

Make sure you can be seen in the screen so I can guide you.

Before first class FAQ:

“Do I need to fill out a health form for zoom?”
Yes. Please contact me before first class.

“I’m a beginner and can’t touch my toes…”
Great! You have come to the right place. We are all different and yoga is not about touching your toes.
Here we let go of our egos and work with our body just the way we are. We can all enjoy and feel the benefits of yoga in your mind and body. Touching your toes will come with time anyway…

”What should I bring and wear to my yoga class?”
Please have a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing. If you don’t have a mat I highly recommend the factory seconds from EKOTEX YOGA. Enjoy discount code: JOHANNA10 for anything NOT reduced at the Ekotex online shop!

”Can I eat before my yoga class?”
Please avoid eating 1-2 hr before class. A small, healthy snack is ok to help balance your energy levels.