Calming and challenging
“Johanna does a great job of keeping the class fun, focused and challenging. There is no sense that you are trying to reach a particular standard, rather that you are simply finding your own level and moving forward from there. She is hands on in ensuring your posture is correct and focuses on good technique whilst ensuring that your goals are attainable.” Andrew, August 2013

Fun and thoroughly enjoyable class
“I started with Johanna as a complete beginner and feel I have progressed so much thanks to her. She will show you positions tailored to how hard you want to push and you will be surprised after a short time at what you can achieve.
I’ve tried yoga at a few different places now across the world and I can say her classes are the best. A good, varied workout and very spiritual, leaving you relaxed.” Tom, August 2013

Simply the best (for me)
“One thing that one soon realizes when doing yoga, is that it is a very personal thing. What works for one person does not work for an other — what relaxes or stimulates one person does not for an other — it is like the rhythm of life — very individual. And when one finds a good match, it is a special and rich experience. This is what happened to me when I joined Johanna’s class — I appreciated yoga more because it simply clicked for me — and it had not done so in the past with other instructors that I found too boring, too simple, or too much. Not withstanding that, I think Johanna is a great yoga instructor because she is great at showing, explaining, and engaging with the activities, is an attentive and caring teacher, and allows freedom for adjustment in the course.  I can not wait for my little one to be old enough to join her kiddy classes :)” Tereza, April 2013

A peaceful and energising class
“I look forward to the evening flow class as it is so peaceful yet energising. The class really does flow and so there is lots to think about which means I cannot think about anything else. For me, this is perfect and just what I need. Johanna copes very well with a range of levels and no one feels pressured to do too much, we all work to our level and needs. The candlelight in the studio is calming and the use of music helps the flow. johanna is very supportive and attentive. A great class!” Jane, April 13

“My wife Renae and I are just beginners in yoga. We have met several different teachers in the last year, but now been practicing with Johanna for several months, as she is different from other teachers.  She has a calming, relaxed, humorous approach that gets you through a dynamic yoga session. In the past few weeks she has helped me progress from shoulder stand to head stand, which is something I never thought I would be able to achieve in a short space of time. Both of us have achieved better flexibility which is important to me as a service engineer, I can now reach places never before possible both in body & mind. At the end of the class we both feel energised but also calm and ready for any of life’s challenges with the help of her meditation where you get to wear your chosen super hero’s outfit. We would both like to thank Johanna for her caring and focused professionalism. I would recommend that everyone should meet her on their travels.” Charlie & Renae Taylor

“My friend was regularly telling me about her wonderful weekly yoga class, so finally I decided to join her at the class in the hope that I would be able to relax/sleep better. I hadn’t attempted yoga before and at first I had been apprehensive as my friend had mentioned that some people in the class are doing headstands, so I thought that the class might be much too advanced for me. However, I needn’t have been worried. The class is great for absolutely everybody; young or old, flexible or not flexible, beginner or advanced. Johanna is very calming and she gives clear instructions before each exercise. She also makes it clear that there should be no competition in the room and everybody can attempt the exercises that they’re comfortable with. Johanna will offer an easier alternative for the more advanced moves. I really enjoy the class and I leave feeling calm but also energised and ready for a good night’s rest” Katie Edwards

“I have been to several of Johanna’s Yoga Classes and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I like the fact that Johanna takes the time before each class to check your current level of well-being, vitality as well as yoga experience and tailors each session according to your individual needs. I enjoy vigorous yoga sessions that make you work hard and sweat – like a good workout – Johanna fully understood my preference and delivered an excellent class each time. Johanna is a very approachable and kind person, who makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet her.” Ines Willis

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